Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Teaching Teachers

One of our goals while in Haiti was to run a five day seminar for the teachers of Adoration Christian School.

There are about 13 of teachers there, and most, while very intellegent, have little formal education in how to teach children.  Our goal was to present them with some ideas that have worked for us over the past years in presenting interactive lessons. 

What a blessing to us!  A room full of beautiful people, eager to learn and improve. 

We brought with us as many supplies as we could carry. Thank you to those who donated to our cause!  Special thanks to Beaties Basics for donating the supplies at cost.

I was in charge of math manipulatives - two sided counters, base ten blocks, etc. and art.
As I said on my first day, "In this session we get to have fun!"

We did self portraits - loved it!!!!  One lady coloured her whole face pink. When I asked why she responded, "Because I like pink."  They had to introduce themselves after they were finished drawing, telling us about themselves.  Lots of fun and laughs!

I did paper mache soccer balls in conection with a book study we were doing.  Getting our hands dirty!

Since I don't know French, this is Pastor Tav. He translated for us all week. What a talented man - he is fluent in three languages!

At the end of the week we received a certificate from the principal as well as a plaque with a map of Haiti.

At the end of it all, I'm not sure who learnt more, me or them. Sure I was able to share with them some new information, but their ability to make do with so little, to be cheerful in any circumstance, to be so open and willing to try new things was an eye-opening experience. I guess at the end of the day, we all learnt something.  May God be praised!

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