Wednesday, January 7, 2015

January Photo project (Jan 1-6)

It was my intention to take a picture everyday in January, with the big camera. I've taken all the pictures, just not posted them so far.  Here's January so far.

January 1: Brouwer get together

January 2: Mike took the day off, and we organized this disaster that is our garage, and then spent the evening together as a family, swimming, eating out and shopping.

January 3: It was Saturday, but Mike had to work, so me and my side kick hung out for the day.

January 4: Sunday. Just waking up from naps ;)

January 5: Go Canada go - we went to Rich and Lisa's to watch the gold medal game.

January 6:Snack time: Teaching Liam the deliciousness of Dunkaroos, and enjoying the last of the oilballs, well mostly enjoying the icing sugar!

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