Thursday, January 8, 2015

A look back

It's a little late, but still, a look back at my favourites from each month of 2014.

January: Liam started food - he loved it!

February: We headed to the cottage and snow for family day weekend

March: During break from school, we went to the animal farm to feed the ducks.

April: Some nice weather sent us outside!

May: For the long weekend we went to the cottage to do some work.
We also celebrated Easter and went on a hike to see the birds of prey.

June: Liam turned one!

July: We spent some time in Collingwood, and lots of time outside (here at the pier)

August: Back up to the cottage for some summer fun!

September: We soaked up the last of the summer weather with a day at the beach, and enjoyed each other's company as a family of three.

October: We headed to the cottage for one more weekend, to enjoy the long weekend and work on the cottage.

November: We had an early snow storm, and Liam got his first taste of playing in the snow. 
We also set up the tree :)

December: Lots of family gatherings and fun to celebrate Christmas

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