Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's day

Yesterday was mother's day.   I feel like typing that sentence says a lot already, but I suppose I should explain.

For the last 7 years, Mother's day spelt pain. The longing, the hope, the desire to be a mother seemed hightened on a day where the one thing I wanted, but didn't have, was being celebrated.  I loved celebrating my mom and mother-in-law, but that was overshadowed with the feeling of missing out.

Last year, we knew Liam was on his way, but he wasn't in our arms yet.

And then there was this year.  I'm a mom!  Someone calls me Mommy (or Bubba - don't ask).  The sheer joy of that feeling was enough to carry me through the day with a smile on my face.

The actual day, the happenings of the day, were far from perfect. Our little guy had pink eye, highly contagious, and was stuck at home for the day. We rotated spending time with our families with being home with him.  But the moments, the feelings, the joy. I don't want to forget what that was like.

I was spoiled by my husband - a new cell phone bringing me out of the stone age and into the 21st century. And a beautiful necklace with Liam's name engraved in it. I love them both!

As I lay in bed last night, with a certain little munchkin nestled beside me, I felt like my heart couldn't contain the joy.  I have a son. I'm a momma and my heart is full, fulfilled.  God has answered the cry of my heart, and yesterday we celebrated that!

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