Tuesday, May 13, 2014

99. I love this man

This is the story of why my husband is the best Daddy, and the best hubby.

So Good Friday we were headed to my mom's place for dinner. Along our way we passed a swing set, at the side of the road, with a sign on it. We weren't sure what the sign said, or even really if we needed a swing set. So we kept on driving. A little farther on we saw a sandbox on the side of the road. That one didn't have a sign on it, but it looked like someone's 'garbage'. We drove on, discussing the backyard and whether either of those things would have a place in our yard.

Fast forward a few hours, some full belly's, and we are on our way home.

First we pass the sandbox. We drove another few feet, decided to turn around and at very least take a look. Our plan was to build one for Liam for his first birthday, but after taking a look we thought this one looked great. It had a lid on it and everything, perfect for our cat infested neighbourhood.  We stuffed it into the truck, hanging it over Liam and through the open back hatch and headed home, via the back roads :)

Past the swing set.

We drove home, unloaded, and then started to talk about the swing set. We don't have a huge backyard, but having a little swing set for at least while Liam is little would be nice.

Mike decided to take some tools, check out what the sign said, and see if it would suit our needs.

By the way, it is now about 10:30.

I stayed home with a now sleeping Liam, and Mike set off. I knew that if the set looked good it would take a while to disassemble, so I sat by the front window to watch out for his return.

I waitied.
And waited.

Finally, I heard a knock at the door. I hadn't seen any lights from the truck, so I went to peek and there was Mike, carrying on his shoulders, at 10:45 at night, half of a swing set.

Apparantly only half fit in the truck, and Mike figured that since we were only about 20 minute or so walk away from there, that he would walk home with the piece that didn't fit.

Crazy man! I loved him more in that moment :)

Here's the proof!

 A free swing from Robin and Jackie and Liam's smile tells it all!

Love you babe! Thanks for going along with our crazy free-finding ideas!

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  1. love you guys too - by the way your math on the times is a bit off - by the time I walked home I think it was after 11 :D.
    Worth every step!