Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Adoption Day

On April 3, we celebrated Liam's Adoption Day. We had a court time, and our families joined us to witness the judge signing the adoption order.

It was a really special day!

We were scheduled for 4:00, but we didn't really know what to expect. We showed up early, but there didn't seem to be anybody that we could ask to see if we were in the right spot. So, our rather large group gathered in a waiting area, next to room A (we found a schedule on the wall that said that was where our case was to be heard).  Though we weren't sure we were in the right place, we were pretty sure that they would be able to find the group of 30 people waiting for them :)

The court orderly came to tell us that they had decided to move us to the bigger courtroom, mostly because it was fancy in there and she said it would look nice on the pictures :)  We were thrilled.  

We got into the room, were told to take a seat, with our families behind us, watching. It was all very formal from there. They called the court to order, we stood when the judge came in.

The judge didn't have much to say. She told us that she had read through all our paper work and it looked like we were a good match for Liam.  She mentioned how nice it was to be having a happy occasion in court, and wished us all the best. She then signed the paper, and within a few minutes of starting, it was all over. Liam was a Douma forever!

Once the judge left, the court helpers (for lack of knowing who they were or what their jobs were) told us we were free to look around and explore the courtroom. We got a group picture with everyone that was there, the kids got to sit in the judges chair and the prisoner's box, and we were allowed to take lots of pictures.

After it was all done, the family came over for pizza and wings to celebrate :)

It was a fabulous day! Thanks to our families who took time out of their busy lives to come and celebrate with us!  We feel very loved and supported and we know that Liam will grow up knowing how loved he is.


  1. Wow! How special is that! Praise God.
    p.s I don't know if he can get any cuter. He is adorable! Love those huge smiles.

  2. Wow, congratulations once again!!!
    So nice to have all these pictures and to do it in court.
    With our little guy they told us there was no court or judge "time" to do it, so we just got a call on the day that a judge finally got to it and put her stamp on it. Still a special day in our minds:) and we later had a large adoption party, but a part of me wishes we had the whole court room extravaganza!!
    He is adorable!!!