Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Some more

A few more randoms from our life lately. 

Liam is getting so big!  He can pull himself up on most things if he is determined enough, and loves to crawl around the whole house. He is very inquisitive, so he gets into lots of things, but his favourite is electrical chords and door stoppers.  

He can walk the length of the hallway behind his toy or holding onto your fingers. He still loves to eat, and is starting to eat mostly just what we eat, with some baby food in there to ensure he is getting his nutrients.  

He loves to be where we are and will crawl quickly to come find us if we leave the room. He can play on his own for quite some time if we are in the same room as him, and he loves to rock to the music that comes from all his toys.

We LOVE him!

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