Saturday, November 2, 2013

A September Tuesday

On an unusually warm day in September, I said to Mike, mostly joking, "Hey it's really warm out. We should go to the beach."

You see, life is crazy busy. Always.  And I'm a firm believer, along with my husband, that little moments are to be savoured, enjoyed, taken hold off. 

And what better way to enjoy a sunny, warm, Tuesday evening, then going to the beach.

We ended up at a local beach that we hadn't been to before, complete with sandyish beach and water. 
The water was fuh-reezing cold, but worth a dip to say we'd done it. We put babies feet in, but that's about it. 

In the end it was a fabulous way to hold onto summer for just one more day, to enjoy each other's company and to marvel at the creation around us!


p.s I know with the dry skin. Crazy hey? This is what happens after just one day of no cream or lotion or baby oil or beeswax or stuff! 


  1. Helpful tip: doctor told me to get some Eucerin cream for one of my foster babies who had real dry skin also.
    Doc told me that most baby oil, and baby lotions have alchol in them, which will dry out the skin even more.
    So, try this cream: Eucerin, or just simply bathe him with some olive oil in the bath water. p.s. slippery baby, so be careful getting him out:)
    What a cutie, and so fun reading about all your family adventures!!

    1. Thanks for the tip!! We've been using bees wax and that seems to be really helping!