Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Part Deux

Because apparantly there is a limit to how much you can put in a post :)

bath in the sink - a right of passage me thinks 

golf pals 

30th birthday shinanigans - out for breakfast.... 


surprise visits that included dinner out! 

climbed a mountain with a baby strapped to me - booya! 


  1. Wow, just read and looked at all your posts!!
    Loving this!!
    Looks like your sweet baby is growing very well, and looks very content and happy (as do his beaming parents):)
    So glad all is well.
    How is the nursing going?
    Thanks for updating!!

    1. Thanks! He is very very content!

      Nursing is going really well. He is a fabulous eater and I'm still suplementing a fair bit, but it has been a fabulous experience for all of us!