Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Collingwood 2013

I think one of our greatest joys thus far has being able to take Liam with us wherever we go and sharing with him all of the things that we loved before he came.

One of the things we love is our week in Collingwood with the Douma's. We all go in one great ski chalet, each family to a bedroom, sharing a kitchen and meals and laughter and beach and fun!  It's a week that brings the family together for a good long time - lots of talks and laughs and Maria Party and cousins and love.

I always get home and sort through the pictures and really, how do you choose your favourites?  How does a week of fabulous get put into one post? 

Well, here is my attempt - a snippet of our time this year, the joy of having Liam with us on vacation for the first time.


beach bum!

best buds! 


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