Wednesday, October 10, 2012

On waiting

When I started this blog, some years ago we were waiting.

At that point we were about to begin on a journey of infertility that would bring many roller coasters of emotions.  We were about to join the many to whom building a family didn't come easy. 

Now, in many ways, we are still on the same journey, albeit through a different method, that of adoption.

We've learnt some things along the way, cried some, laughed some, loved lots. 

In so many ways we've come so far from that first blog post. And in some ways we have so far to go.


I think we're all waiting on something.  A job. A husband. Our children to arrive.  Our home to sell.  Our illness to be beaten. 

And part of God's plan is for us to wait, to learn to trust on His timing and His plan for our lives instead of planning our own path. 

What are you waiting for? 

Know that God is there. Know that in the waiting He wants us to bless His name, to serve Him with our whole heart. 


We met with the director of our adoption agency today.  It was the next step before we sit around and wait some more.

We had some questions answered, some ideas presented for us to think about, some things figured out in our minds. 

It was a good day. I was nervous, as another person probes into our lives and deteremines if we are fit to parent littles.  God was gracious and the meeting went well. 

It got us to thinking about the possibilities that God has for us, things we haven't dreamed of, maybe.  But He has a plan and all of this is in His will for our lives. 


All of these thoughts swirl through my head.  This blog is my place to reuminate and think and write about the journey. We are thankful for those who've come alongside of us and encouraged us as we wait. Thank you.

I'm not sure how many people read this blog or if lives are touched, but I do thank you for stopping by.  While you're waiting.


  1. I've been following your blog for a while and I've wanted to comment so many times because I can relate on so many levels to things you say. My husband and I dealt with infertility for 8 years before coming to the decision to adopt. I'm so familiar with the waiting and know exactly how you feel. I have found peace and patience in knowing that everything happens according to God's timing not ours. Praying for you and your husband in this time of waiting.

    1. Thank you for your prayers. It is a blessing to know that others are there, or have been in the same place that we are! Thank you for commenting!

  2. To both the author of the blog and the first commenter...
    I am a foster parent, and have been blessed to witness some pretty happy adoptions...and I just wanted to encourage the both of you as you wait. My husband and I, especially in the last months before a child is going to be placed for adoption, always marvel at the thought that somewhere...somebody is patiently waiting for the child that are loving and raising as our own on a temporary basis. I have often said...if only these people and our child knew what is hidden from them just around the corner! So from our end there is much waiting and anticipation as well...not that we want our little darlings to leave, (just gave one 'back' after 2.5 years in our home-newborn 'til now) because the pain is beyond compare...but the silver lining is feeding off of the joy that people such as yourself exude when you are united with your son or daughter.
    Praying for you and others like you daily. Praying also for the moms and dads who desperately love their child but for varied reasons are not able to provide their flesh and blood with the basics needed in life. It is a broken broken world, and we see it from very up close.
    God Bless.

    1. THANK YOU!! Your words are so encouraging. We are so encouraged to know that there are wonderful people in the foster care system and that if that is where are children are right now, they are being looked after and loved by someone else for us right now!

      It is a real blessing to think about how God is building our family, and He knows exactly who is in it and what it will look like!

      Thank you for your prayers for us and also for those need help in raising their children and deciding to do what is best for them.

      Thank you for you comment!

  3. I too, am a foster mom, and have been for 15 years. We know about waiting! Although we have been blessed with 6 children of our own, we are currently awaiting the adoption of our precious foster baby. We have had him since he was only hours old, and are awaiting the finialization of OUR adoption of him.(he is now almost 2) So many needy children, who need good loving Christian homes. Don't give up, but press on. "That what ye do for the least of these my little ones, that ye do for me also." Matt. 24
    Some may think, that because we have 6children already, we are stealing this little guy from a couple who can't have children. But the fact is there was no christian family, ready and waiting for him, and we love him like our own, and really felt God pushing us to adopt this precious little guy. We really wish more christian families would come forward, regardless of if they already have children of their own.
    We are commanded to care for the widows and the orphans. Many children are now going to homosexual couples, how can this be right????
    Sorry, all that to say, that we wish you well and pray that God would soon bless you with a dear child to love, nourish and bring up to his Glory and Honour. Remember, all children are fearfully and wonderfully made, and they all need Christ! There are MANY not so perfect children (health issues) who still need a home. His Grace is Sufficient!!

    1. Thank you for your comment and well wishes!

      I think it is amazing that you are opening your home to these children and to your foster baby! We need more people in the world like you!

      Thank you for the encouragement to conitnue pressing on - our God is GOOD and sufficient for the waiting and for the path that lies ahead! Blessings to you in your adoption!