Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Douma camping 2012

This years Douma camping was FABULOUS! 

For two reasons at least:

1. We borrowed a trailer.  I had floors that could be swept, a drawer to put my clothes in, a roof over my head, I could stand up to get changed, there were benches to sit on, cupboards to put things in, a mat to walk on before entering your sleeping accomidations and so much more!  I LOVED it!

2. We weren't at Goose poo lake. We were at Happy Hills, a fantastic family campground in Woodstock. There was a nice pool, a hot tub, volley ball courts, tennis courts, shuffle board, organized crafts for the kids, a wagon ride, clean bathrooms, and much more. 

(yes, she princessed waved to all of the people we passed :)

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