Saturday, February 26, 2011


Life is a pathway.  And lately, well the road has been a little curvy.

I've taught at 3 schools in 4 years. 
I've taught Grade 2 and Kindergarten.
I've taught part time, more part time and full time.  And no time at all.

And now, as all teachers do at this time of year, we have decisions to make.

What is important to us? Teaching?  Mothering? Fostering?

What is my time going to be used for? Helping? Working?  Being at home?

Where are we going and how are we going to get there?  Are we going to be a Double-Income-No-Kids family?  Am I going to always be a teacher? Do I want to always be a teacher?

A little while ago, the day after Valentines Day (just so I could still boycot Valentines Day) we went out for dinner. And talked.  For a long time.

We see each other a lot. We talk alot.  But not always about the tough stuff. Sometimes its nice to forget what our struggles are. 

But we went out for dinner and talked.  Discussed our options. Thought about the possibilities.  Wondered about where to go.  What to do. 

And as I type that, I realize that it sounds a little like we're in control.  Which we are not. I get that. 

But we need to use the time He's given us. We need to evaluate the tasks He's given us.  We need to see if that's where we're being led.

In the end, we made some decisions. And while I'm not going to post those all here, because we haven't even told our families yet, we feel like we're on the path He wants us to be on. 

Pray for us. The road is curvy.  It's not so easy. And it's full of decisions we never thought we'd have to make.  But we do. 


  1. Oh, the decisions! I've always found the decions we've had to make and may yet still have to make have been a very tough part of our infertility journey. Decisions that we have to make only because of infertility.
    God's strength and peace to you, Theresa. ((hugs))

  2. We pray for you guys all the time and love you guys!!

  3. Praying for you guys! We can't imagine the decisions that you have to go through, but we can pray for you while you go work through them:) May God grant you and other fellow couples struggling with infertility wisdom and His strength!