Monday, December 28, 2015

Around these parts, the last few months

I'm WAY behind, but here's my attempt to catch up a little.

Here are some random happenings of our super cute kids, for the purpose of keeping records of our daily happenings! 

Just like Bob the Builder :)

Moving into his new room, he's still in a crib in there, but in a different room...

So that she can 'sleep' in her new room - something she's not all that good at doing.

Carrying baby, just like Mommy :)

A favourite past time, reading - makes me SO happy to have a little reader!

Playing in her new bed :)

Hanging out and having snacks

Cozy slower mornings as the weather cools somewhat.

Yum!  Teething is in full force around here. As of now, she has three teeth, but in this picture, probably none yet.

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