Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas prep

I LOVE Christmas - I love the business (as overwhelming as it can be sometimes), I love spending time with family, singing all the carols, listening to my favourite cd's without feeling guilty, and all the rest.

We've been busy - lots of family and fun time!  
Lots of preparing for Christmas!

Liam has an advent calendar - he gets a chocolate everyday, 
and he gets SO excited everytime!

Day 2 - he had only done it once before, and this is what happened:
every morning for breakfast he eats cereal. He eats all the cereal, tips the bowl to drink the milk, and hands me the bowl.  It's always the same. The first morning, after he finished his cereal, and handed me the bowl, I gave him his first chocolate.
Day 2. He's eating his cereal, and then he stops, empties all the cereal out of the bowl. I wasn't sure what he was doing, so I helped him put it back in the milk.  Then, he empties it all again, tips to drink the milk, passes me the bowl, and points to the chocolate :) He figured since the bowl was empty (even though he hadn't eaten all the cereal) he could have a chocolate - smart little fellow!

Here he is enjoying the chocolate :)

Liam also got a visit from Sinter Claus. Our neighbour had the costume and asked if he could come over for Liam to see. He brought and orange, and then Liam loved him ;)

Liam loves his dad, and shows on the playbook - here's a nice cozy December morning.

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