Thursday, July 31, 2014

Liam's first birthday party!

We had Liam's party scheduled for the Saturday after his birthday, but he came down with hand foot and mouth, so we had to reschedule. We found a Friday night that worked a couple of weeks later, and all our family came over to celebrate Liam's first birthday!

You only have a first birthday once, and it was very special to celebrate our precious little man with all our families!

Liam's monthly growth pictures.

Mike bbqing all the food!

The cousins all had a blast playing on our new swing set, playing ball, etc.

Opening presents. As is expected he liked the wrapping paper the most ;)


Except, such a fail. The icing had all hardened, so he couldn't get into the cake. 
The store had no sprinkles, so I put on fruit, but that meant that he didn't care about the cake.
It was all lopsided and looked horrendous.

But, it was a cake with a candle on it for his first birthday.



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