Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Life around here

Just want to document some moments from our everyday life.  Blessings in the little things.

Liam is learning to drink out of a cup. He refuses all bottles, so this is our next option :)

Supper time - YUM!

Helping us garden eat dirt.

On a freezing cold spring day we were outside gardening. Liam climbed up the stairs to the deck and before I could stop him, jumped into the lid of his new sandbox and went for a swim!

Garage sales are awesome! This particular day it was a bike helmet and a bike seat for Liam.

Don't you always sit outside and talk on the phone while your son is one the swing?

The latest craze is banging toy cars together. That and emptying toy buckets are his two favs :)


  1. I see you got out the dinky cars. He has grown so much. I love looking at his pictures. Heidi