Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The road

The road that we have travelled to get to where we are has been a rough, rocky, blessed, happy and sad road.

And this past week we spent a week at the cottage.

Here's the road headed from our cottage to the beach.

I've walked that road a pile.

I can remember going up as a young adult, wondering if I would ever have someone to share this special place with, someone to hold hands with as we walked down the road.

I can remember walking it with that special someone, in the dead of winter, for the first time, thinking that my heart might explode from love and joy.

I can remember walking back up that road after loosing our first baby to a miscariage while we were on holidays. Tears streaming down my face as I tredged back to the cottage after some time in the hospital.

I can remember walking down that road wondering if we'd ever have a child, wondering if God really did know what He was doing in making us wait, and wondering if I'd ever have the joy of being a mom in this special place, a second home really.

And now this year. This picture is my husband, pushing my son down the road.

I stopped for a minute to take a picture, tears stinging my eyes as I marvelled at the grace of God.

A husband.

A son.

I know now that I shouldn't have doubted Him ever, but isn't that the way of it?  Looking back over the years, 30 of them spent in this very place, I know that God is good. All the time. In the hard, in the joy, in the fulfillment of it all, God is there.  He made a way for my life to play out this way, the exact way that He wanted it to. And today, and that day as I walked down the road, I'm praising Him! 


  1. Yes! I know these very moments. This summer I went to Northern Ontario and Algonquin Park (a place filled with many childhood/ teen years memories)with my HUSBAND and my CHILDREN! It was exactly as you have described here. Sooo incredible to be blessed with such goodness from the Lord, especially after many years of heartache and waiting. The Lord is very good, isn't He?!

    1. He is so very good! I was talking to your sister in law and she was telling me how fun it was to have everyone up together! I often think that the heartache makes it even more special - like God is teaching us to savour every moment that we get!