Saturday, August 3, 2013


This is me. And my baby. And my man.

On a date.

Except not.

Here's the story.  Wednesday morning Mike says to me that we are going out for dessert to celebrate my birthday.  I turned the big 3-0 while we were on vacation and Mike said we were going out to celebrate since we had gone out with my parents on the date of my birthday.  We were going to try out a new place in town. I thought that was great, because then I could stop and get groceries and a few other errands afterwards. Mike told me we weren't allowed to do errands on date nights.  We got dressed up a bit, and headed out. Mike had packed a diaper bag (claiming that's what guys do on date nights :) and we were headed into town.  He then said we had to stop at the bank. I razzed him about doing earrands on date nights, but in the end, didn't think much of it.

We pulled up to the cafe, got out, stopped for a photo :) and went inside. The cafe was really cute - high tables, fire place, comfy chairs, etc. We went up to the counter and were looking at their menu, when Mike said that we had reservations for Douma.  I was a little suprised. Maybe he had put more thought into this then I had originally thought. 

The lady instructed us to go around the corner, and when I walked in all my girl friends yelled suprise!

I was shocked!  I think I swatted Mike for lying and it took a moment to register that they had gotten together for my birthday!  What a delight!

I loved every minute of it!  Thank you so much Lisa and Melissa - you guys are the best sister in laws I could have ever asked for!  Love you!

As for the lies/ tricks:
1.  Mike had baseball that night. We had talked about it and he claimed there was no ball, which I thought was odd in the middle of the week.
2.  We had to go to the bank so that he could park on the other side of the cafe so I wouldn't see everyone through the window.
3. I sat in the parking lot at the bank, and the only reason I didn't notice all of my family and friend's cars? There was a tractor in the parking lot of the No Frills in downtown Beamsville :)


  1. Fun! I had a "surprise" party for my 30th as well but I caught on to it :)

    1. I had always thought that if someone tried to surpise me I would catch on as well - turns out I'm not as smart as I thought :) Either that or my relatives are more sneaky then I thought :)