Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mother's day weekend 2013

Mother's day weekend was a full one.

We started on Friday night celebrating with the Heikoops. Chocolate fountain! YUM!!

Then on Saturday we spent the day at the Douma's celebrating with Mom, and Brad and Brandon for their birthday's. Story has it that Brandon said, "My birthday party was just beautiful!"

Sunday was a nice quiet day, nothing out of the ordinary.

Mike jokes that the baby's timing is perfect because he gets a father's day present, but I have to wait for next year to get a mother's day present :)  In someways this day was easier then it has been in years. In someways, as we anticipate this adoption, I am a mom already.  I can't hold my baby in my arms (14 more days!!!!), but I already hold the baby in my heart.

My thoughts turned often throughout the day to those who aren't moms yet, but long to be. I know the pian that is there, the longing, the sorrow, the hope for next year.  For all of those in that state this year know this, you are not alone. God is with you and He hears your cries.

To all of those that are moms already, and to my two moms, happy mother's day!  You are doing a beautiful job raising your children!

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