Monday, April 22, 2013

Sharing Stories

You may have noticed that I've been a bit silent on this here little blog of mine.

It's not that things aren't happening - we are in full swing to get ready for baby! 

It's just that - well, here's the thing. There is a lot in any adoption that is private and confidential. There is a lot that is uncertain and unknown. There is a lot of information.

And I'm not really sure what to share and what not to. I've been keeping a journal of sorts, documenting our thoughts and emotions through all of this.

At the end of the day, it's our babies story to tell. They can choose how much to share and when and what they would like people to know. As they age and things are appropriate, we will be sharing that story with them, and they can choose what to do with it.

So for now anyway, it'll be a bit quiet on here as we learn the fine line between sharing too much and letting everyone in on our excitement and joy!


  1. totally understand!!
    We have just adopted and we are always surprised at all the questions people ask. I guess it is just showing interest, but we really can't answer them all. Good for you, hold it in even if you would like to share. People have a way of not forgetting things like this, and you don't want someone else sharing things with your dear child, before you have a chance to:) But, I do recommend someone very close, who you can unload and share this story with, just be sure it is someone supportive and knows how to keep it to themselves. These are precious souls we are entrusted with, to nurture and raise to God's glory!!
    So excited for you, and all the best!!!

    1. Thanks! I'm amazed at the things that people are most interested in - they don't seem to want too many details about the birth mother, but more about the baby and how we are adjusting, or how this will change our lives. Thankfully we have a very supportive family and they understand our need to keep things to ourselves.

      Where did you adopt from?