Friday, December 14, 2012

89. I love this man

I lay in bed last night, a busy day and week wrapping up.  Curled next to my man and stealing his heat (his biggest gift to my cold feet), I smiled. His rhythmic breathing told me he had already drifted off, but my thankful heart paused a moment before driting into sleep.

I have the best husband in the world.

Yesterday he:

- put the ribs in the crockpot and started it
- cleaned up the disaster that was our kitchen and started the dishwasher
- hid all the stuff that was mounding on our dumping grounds, aka the kitchen table
- threw a blanket over the Christmas gifts in the spare room
- hosted Mom and Dad Douma til I walked in the door at 3:45
- cleaned up the kitchen again after supper as I ran out the door to work again

Seriously. He did most of it for my benefit because he knows how I like the house to look when people come over. 

Thank you babe!  You are the BEST!

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