Tuesday, May 22, 2012

May long weekend 2012

We headed to the cottage for the May long weekend again this year.
We go most years, to clean the cottage, cut the firewood, do any renos and enjoy the weather.

This year we had beautiful weather!
We had been two weeks earlier and done some renos and some cleaning, so our weekend this time was mostly renos. We redid the bathroom, painting, baseboards, water heater, floor.
We painted the living room walls and the ceiling beam.
We finished cleaning the bedrooms and all the windows.

Lots of work, but also fun and enjoyable. We spent Sunday afternoon on a picnic blanket on the beach, just us and the waves blue sky and bald eagles.  I finished a whole novel in one weekend, spending Monday afternoon on a lawnchair in the shallow end.  We went swimming, or rather, we ran in and got wet.

Jeff caught a snake in the wood pile.

Mike and I sodering the hot water heater. Check out how long my piece of soder is!

We took a boat ride to the icecrem store with everyone that was up!

The finished product - a LOT of wood!

We drank a LOT of coffee. Well not me, but it did seem we took very regular coffee breaks, which I'm not used to. 

We've come to realize, as we sat on the blanket, looking over lake Commanda, how blessed we are!  What a beautiful spot to have a cottage, to enjoy God's marvelous creation!

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