Monday, March 12, 2012

Happy Anniversary!

We celebrated 5 years of being married this past weekend.

5 years.

In someways that feels like a blink of an eye. Sometimes it feels like I've know Mike forever.

Regardless of how long it feels, I can't imgaine it better.
I used to pray that God would bring me a spouse. I used to pray that it would be someone that God had picked for me, not someone that I picked for myself.  And now, after 5 years, I know, without a doubt, that I couldn't have picked someone better for me then Mike.

Anyway, enough pie in the sky.  We celebrated with a night in a hotel in Niagara Falls.

We stayed at the Four Points by Sheraton.
This is the same chain that we had our wedding reception in.
It was beautiful.  Our room was nice, we had a view, etc.

Friday night we walked to the Keg. It was c.o.l.d.!!!

Dinner. Steak. The falls.  The best company.


With our hotel we got a voucher for Dave and Busters, an arcade on Clifton Hill.

What. a. blast!!!!!  We got to play skeetball, a personal favourite of mine, Deal or No Deal, and much more.  We played for 2 and a half hours. Just like little kids, laughing, jumping, shouting (ok, maybe that's an exageration, but it WAS fun!)

We picked up Starbucks on our way home, a warm treat to take away the chill of outside.

We even went swimming in the pool the next morning.
p.s. I know, a bikini. I was on holidays with my darling.  Nuff said.

We checked out and then went out for breakfast. Or lunch.

We spent the rest of the afternoon walking around the falls, enjoying God's beautiful creation and each other's company. We stopped in at the greenhouse where we took wedding pictures 5 years ago, but they now charge admission, and what can I say, we're Dutch.

Happy Anniversary Darling!


  1. Fun, fun, fun! We celebrate 5 years next year, and now I've got some good ideas :) God bless you two!

    1. I'm not sure about imitating the bikini part tho...;)