Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Bright hope for tomorrow

We laid in bed a few nights ago and talked about baby names. 

When my doctor asked me the first day of my last cycle, I had no idea.

Such seemingly small things right?

Not for me.  I stand amazed. Awestruck at the goodness of God.  He has given us so much peace.

Yes, there is a long road ahead of us. Yes, the wait in unpredictable. Yes, the future is uncertain.

But in the middle of that, he's given us the ability to see the good. His hand in the midst of it all. 

And we've begun to have such great hope for the future.

Edited to add: No, that doesn't mean I'm pregnant. I hadn't even thought that baby names and missed cycles might lead to that....  We're just excited that our adoption paper work is coming together.


  1. I am glad you added that little note:) I was thinking are you trying to tell us something....excited that the adoption paper work is coming together! I am glad that God has given you a peace about all this.

  2. Good thing for that little note. For a second I think my heart stopped. :-) And then I knew just what you meant. Resting in the Lord's timing rather than over-analyzing human timing...it's a good place to be, isn't it? :-)