Monday, May 9, 2011

A list

I'm having a hard time putting together thoughts and ideas as to where I want to go next with this post. 

So I'll do what I do best - make a list, check it twice, and complete it.

I'll list some of the many things swarming in my head right now; things I'd like to put from pen to paper (or keyboard to screen as may be the case) and then maybe, just maybe, I'll post on them.

Here goes:

1.  We are under renovations. Which is funny because on Saturday morning when I woke up, we weren't and had no plans to be for right now. But now, as I type, Mike is sawing and hammering in our basement.

2. It was mother's day yesterday. I have two fabulous people to call Mom. But also, I'm not a Mom. And I cried in church.  Very unreformed of me, hey?

3.  I have a lot of pictures to post. Of this and that.

4.  School is crazy right now. And also, Q and U got married on Thursday and Friday and I think my husband officially thinks I'm crazy.

5.  It's spring. And I LOVE sun. 

6.  I didn't buy my Mom a present this year. My sister did all the shopping.  And that was awesome!!!!!

7.  I quit my job for next year. Again. But we have a plan. I think.  And also, Mike quit his job too. Anyone have a basement for us to live in?

8.  I'm doing a 5K run in less than four weeks. Pushing a stroller.  And I haven't run one step yet to practice. Ooops.

9.  I love my husband. We had a fabulous weekend with lots of us.  And garage sailing. Did I already mention I love spring?

10.  I'm helping run VBS this summer.  And I'd like to start a playground fellowship with the ladies at church. Too much? Maybe. 

TTFN.  Tata for now. 

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