Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Traditions (New Year's eve and day)

This year's Christmas and New Year's festivities have been full of traditions from year's past and new traditions made.

I think that we feel a little like without children, there aren't that many traditions that we make with our little family.   We do have a few, like me always buying Mike an ornament.

But our extended families have traditions a plenty!

For one, we always take a family picture on the day of presents with the Douma's.

For another we always make Olieboelen. At some point, with someone.

Another, New Year's Eve with Rich and Lisa (and whoever else is free that night to join us), doing gormetten.

This year we added some new ones:
Oliebolen with the whole family, a whole afternoon affair.

A family picture with the Heikoop's before we opened gifts.
The thing that stands out, though?
We are blessed. Beyond measure.
We have family and they love us and we love them.  And we are able to spend a lot of time together during the holidays and for us, right now, that makes our holiday special.  Greatly special!

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