Monday, January 3, 2011

Accepting help

I love to help people.  I'll bring meals to people who have had a baby. Babysit my nieces and nephews. Bake for church functions. Etc.

But rarely do I accept help.

I mean, if I say yes to someones help, doesn't that mean that I am weak?
Doesn't that insinuate that I can't do it all? 

And if it does mean that I am weak and can't do it all, then I am admitting failure.

I find that really hard to take. After all, I pride myself on holding it all together.  And showing people that my life is not altogether, that I really do have a messy house some (if not most) of the time, well that's hard for me.

But these past few months, after having 30 doctors visit over 50 days, all 1/2 hour drive away, did me in.

I was tired!  And more tired!  And then I got sick.

And my family, as awesome as they are stepped in. I called my sister-in-law one night, too sick to drive myself to the doctor, and she drove me in the next day. Dropped everything and brought me there and back.

A week later she called to see if I wanted company to go to the doctor with and she drove, brought the sunshine, and took us all shopping afterwards.

And this past week, after skipping church, sick with exhaustion, my sister-in-law made us dinner. Volunteered to make us dinner!


And now at the end of this month's journey, the beginning of the next, I feel so blessed.

I know. I say that a lot.

But really, I mean it. I'm blessed!  Family that loves. Hugs. PRAYERS.  Flowers.  Love. Understanding. 


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