Monday, December 20, 2010


I'm a bit of an overachiever. Which if you check my blog in the next few days, you won't believe because I'm going to post pictures of the mess.

But I am.

Store bought cookies? Not for me - I usually only eat baked goods.

Christmas cards from a store? Not me - I make mine. Every year.

Christmas baking? By the container full. To hand out to everyone I know!  To bring to every party.

Visitors coming? The house must be spotless! 

Christmas shopping?   Done before the middle of December - presents all wrapped under the tree just waiting weeks in advance for the party to arrive.

And yet, somehow, this year it's just not happening. 

Here I am, the 18th of December.

I haven't baked yet. At all!  Ok, I made Christmas cookies forever ago, but that hardly counts.

The Christmas cards that I am making are in various stages of unfinishedness.  On the floor in the craft room.

The picture for inside the card?   Don't have one yet.  And I don't even really have an idea for one.

Christmas shopping?  Well, it is almost done, but only because we shopped until 11:30 last night. 

This month has been crazy!
20 doctor's appointements in 30 days. All over a 1/2 hour drive away.
23 bright, and sometimes very hyper, children waiting to be taught.
Family gatherings and fun and Christmas concerts and shopping.
And just life. Living.  Enjoying each other. Trying to connect in the crazyness.

And you know what the craziest part is?  I'm not too worried about it.
Yes, the Christmas cards might not arrive in your mailbox until New Years, but does it really matter? The pictures are the same as last year anyway - still just two of us, smiling away. You didn't want us on your fridge anyway, did you?
The baking - well Melissa already said that she was doing lots of baking and my Mom always has enough to sink a ship.

I think we'll be ok.  Someday, maybe in the next two weeks because I'm finally finished school (yay me!), it will get done. 


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