Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Holding onto hope

God makes promises. 

Promises about life and life everlasting.
Promises about joy and hope and love.
Promises that are for us.

We sang a hymn in church on Sunday about some of those promises:

As the hart, about to falter,
In its trembling agony,
Panteth for the brooks of water,
So my soul doth pant for Thee.
Yea, athirst for Thee I cry;
God of life, O when shall I
Come again to stand before Thee
In Thy temple, and adore Thee?

O my soul, why art thou griveing,
Why disquieted in me?
Hope in God, thy faith retrieving;
Let Him still thy refuge be.
I shall yet extol His grace
For the comfort of His face;
He has ever turned my sorrow
Into gladness on the morrow.

But the Lord will send salvation,
And by Day His love provide;
He shall be mine exultation
And my song at eventide.
On His praise e'en in the night
I will ponder with delight,
And in prayer, transcending distance,
Seek the God of my existence.

And right now, as I wait on the fulfillment of these, I wait in hope.

Hope that He will fulfill every single one of the promises He has made.

Not in my way, or according to my plan. 

In His way, according to His plan!

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