Monday, December 6, 2010

43. I love this man - date night version

A few Saturdays ago, we decided to have a date night.
While there is just the two of us at home, we eat out on a sem-regular basis. But this was different.

This was the kind of date night that you look forward to for a few days.
The kind that you shower and dress up for.
The kind that you plan and think about.

 We went to Niagara Falls.
To the Keg that is on the 8th floor of a hotel.
The view was stunning and the company, even better.

 We talked and laughed and were together. Just the two of us with no distractions.

 After our dinner we went for a tour of the Festival of Lights. 

I can remember as a kid driving through Dufferin Islands and looking at the light. I think back then the highlight was being able to be in the van, without a seatbelt, walking around ;)

 The lights were beautiful! And crazy in that they all moved and were animated. Very fun!

 After, we parked the car and walked down Clifton Hill to see some more lights.

 We ended our date at Starbucks, enjoying a nice warm hot chocolate!

I love this man more than I ever thought possible!
Thanks for a wonderful date darling!

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