Wednesday, November 17, 2010

How to pack a shoe box 101

An Operation Christmas Child Shoe box, that is.

 Start with a box. I actually got one from the organization this year, but only because I was in the Christian book store, and they had them, and I remembered to take them with me, unlike last year when I left them on the cash register.  If you don't get one from them, any old shoe box will do.

 Sorry it's upside down, I can't figure out how to flip it in Blogger.

 Buy a large assortment of things according to the age that you've picked. Things like hygiene supplies, school supplies, toys, candy, etc.

 I like to remove all the packaging and put all the school supplies in a case.

 Start with the big things on the bottom, and then fold and fold and arrange and rearrange until it all fits.

 See how much space you would waste if you didn't remove the packaging?

Add in a donation for each box to cover the cost of shipping them all the way across the sea.

Say a prayer for the needy children who will be recieving these across the world.
May their lives be blessed and may they know the message of Christmas.

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